Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Review

Well, as you may have figured blogging isn't really my thing even though I can spend HOURS looking at all the amazing blogs out there. Maybe that will be apart of my New Years Resolution to update this more than once a year. I will leave you with some pictures from "around the room" and some activities we have done so far this school year.

 Needs & Wants. We discussed things we needed to survive versus the things we wanted. This student got very creative :)
Nouns: We discussed what they were and separated them into categories. We also discussed proper nouns and why they are capitalized. 

We use papa, mama, and baby bear to describe the relationships between the numbers. It helps them when it comes to making fact families. 
  We discuss how Papa bear is always first in subtraction and last in addition. Mama bear and baby bear say " I don't care" and they can be in either spot. I love to year them chant this followed by .. "it's a turnaround!"

 We did so much with Sink and Float. We made predictions. We tested our predictions. Each child had an object to predict, test, and then graph. After we finished our HUGE graph we took some time in whole group to discuss our observations. These were some of the things they came up with.

Well, that's it. But I thought I would share. Here's hoping 2012 brings about more blogging and fun times.


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