Sunday, May 22, 2011

Workin' On It

Well it has been busy in our classroom lately. I having been reading all sorts of blogs and really feel like it motivates me to be a better teacher for those 17 kiddos that i adore.

We have kept busy and working hard. Teacher appreciation came and went. Although my school isn't really known for the extravagent gifts given for the occasion- I got some pretty awesome cards and lots of sticky notes. Who doesn't love those!! 

The bottom two pictures kind of give you an idea of how my guided reading area is layed out. Each student has a chair pocket and their magnetic paper and letters (as well as other tools) are in there. I have to separate their GR books by groups. It can so easily become a mess. They are all starting to read around the same level so we swap books a lot!

My team and I are already thinking about next year. We are planning and preparing. I am trying to survive the rest of this year too!

We are going to a Deb Diller training that I am beyond thrilled about in June - so hopefully that will help me be productive this summer and get lots of things done!